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    Mass Grading

    Possessing superior grading capabilities, PGM brings grades that align perfectly to the engineering design.? Because we own our equipment and have installed the latest in GPS technology, our talented operators, who are experts in the field, provide precision with each maneuver.? Additionally, when necessity requires, PGM has on-duty mechanics ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice should on-site repairs or maintenance be needed.? With minimal downtime, the work continues smoothly and on schedule.

    Experienced team and supervisors

    With exceptionally knowledgeable, skilled personnel and advanced equipment technology, PGM is able to provide clients with economic pricing.? More importantly, we don’t just excavate and move dirt, we ensure that each project is value-engineered.? In doing so, we guarantee our grading proposals to be highly competitive.


    At PGM safety is our highest priority throughout each and every operation that we perform.? Earthwork and grading is especially challenging to manage from a safety perspective.? Heavy equipment and large high horse power machines of all types can be a consistent source of work-related injuries if not managed properly.? Our team conducts a very thorough equipment inspection to discover failures and investigate machine performance every single morning.? Daily tailgate meetings take place prior to start and just after lunch break to ensure constant focus on safety.? Our goal is to collectively discover potential problems and address them far before we even start the next phase of work.? We believe that each and every employee in that meeting should be, and is, encouraged to speak up with ideas to help the team perform in a manner that gets us all home safely at the end of the day.