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    Welcome to PGM

    PGM is a woman-owned civil contractor signatory to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union. Having extensive experience in the renewable market, PGM has assisted with the construction of substations and switching stations for a vast assortment of clients. Give us a call and let us provide you with competitive pricing for your next renewable project!

    Scope of Work

    At PGM, we provide expert services in the utility market including mass grading, demolition, pier drilling, trenching, concrete, foundations, finish grading and surfacing. Call us for competitive pricing on your next utility project! Call us for your next renewable project!

    Our Services

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    Mass Grading

    PGM Inc. understands that the essential component of the construction industry and mass grading is one of them. As the first step in the construction procedure, it forms the basis of the whole project. It involves moving and turning of the soil and earth to form a solid foundation for the structure that has to be constructed. We take pride in the work that we have done in mass grading at construction sites and have experienced operators, excavation equipment and diverse range of earth moving equipment for excavations that we can relocate quickly.