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    Demolition Services

    PGM, Inc. offers a range of services including demolition that is performed accurately, efficiently and with all safety parameters in place. We undertake both large and small projects depending upon the custom requirements. Focusing on utility-scale power related projects such as substations, transfer stations, power generation facilities, hydro power, co-generation, natural gas power facilities, and renewable power generation systems, PGM has the experience and expertise to provide demolition services to meet all of our clients’ needs.

    Whether you need a small or large scale demolition to be completed, contact us today for a free quote. We offer quality service on time, each time. Additionally we offer a range of demolition services, including:

    – Site clearing
    – Site preparation
    – Interior demolition
    – Concrete demolition
    – 24/7 emergency response
    – Restricted access or remote demolition
    – concrete saw cutting
    – Rock Blasting and Cutting.

    Why work with us?

    PGM Inc. is a pioneer in the industry and has years of successfully completed projects that highlight our company expertise and workmanship.? In conjunction with maintaining a perfect OSHA record and a flawless safety rating, some other reasons to hire our services consist of the following:

    Offering large structural demolition and industrial site clearing, PGM will successfully complete your project with expertise and within your time constraints.? Our aggressive scheduling, experienced management and supervision along with an enviable safety record makes PGM a perfect partner for your team.