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    PGM has completed numerous concrete foundation projects on industrial power facilities throughout the Western U.S.? Our team has six different concrete crews that can be deployed on any project to handle almost any level of complexity.? The foundation package on many of our jobs requires the most speed and accuracy of any other scope on the site.? We are regularly asked to complete projects on accelerated schedules with zero tolerances for error.? Our team utilizes our own equipment and tools to ensure that we are never held up by equipment failures or scheduling conflicts.? PGM understands the level of sophistication required by utility companies throughout the Western U.S., and consistently performs to the highest satisfaction of our clients.? PGM typically performs the following scopes for foundation work:

    – Vertical Piers and Foundations
    – Structural Slabs on Grade
    – Erosion Control Structures
    – Driven Piles and Columns
    – Pre-Cast Concrete Systems
    – Cast-In-Place Electrical Vaults
    – Electrical Duct Banks and Grounding

    PGM takes a very systematic approach to our structural work and utilize the most advanced forming systems to ensure accuracy and safety in our work.? Our project sites are strategically laid out and planned prior to the teams’ arrival.? This systematic approach has allowed our crews to work more effectively and therefore, more economically than our competition.? This approach has also proved valuable in building confidence in our plan with our long term clients and owners.


    PGM takes the safety of our foundation crews extremely serious.? As with many scopes of construction, structural concrete can lend itself to many different work-related injuries if not taken with extreme caution.? PGM’s team evaluates each job independently and conducts pre-start reviews and checklists to consider each and every job site hazard prior to arrival.? Once on site, our team conducts equipment and tool inspections daily to ensure compliance and proper functionality.? Twice daily, our team conducts tailgate safety meeting do incorporate the entire team into our discussion.? Each and every employee on the job site is motivated to discuss and work through any possible job or task hazards that are present or may become present throughout the job.? Concrete and structural excavations require experience, checks and balances, and a team effort to get through each and every job without incident.? At PGM we take this approach very seriously.