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    Founded in 2011, as a part of the Clark Bros. Inc. construction group, PGM’s primary function is to provide civil construction services to its clients. With an assembled team of highly qualified professionals who have decades’ worth of experience in this specialized field, PGM is prepared to provide its clientele with a high level of service and top-quality work that has been proven by the Clark family for years.

    Spanning four generations, the Clark group has performed civil services in both California and Arizona. As the generations have changed, so has the diversity of work. What started out as a single-tractor operation working exclusively within the agricultural industry, has grown into a diversified group that performs work in various areas of construction, including, but not limited to: agriculture, water reclamation, waste water treatment and renewable energy.

    With the establishment of PGM, a more focused role into the renewable market has been targeted. The PGM operational team is varied and consists of mass grading crews, paving crews, demolition crews, concrete / foundation crews, drilling crews and finish grading / surfacing crews. PGM’s expert staff has been responsible for performance on comprehensive civil packages of over 600MW of contracted work.

    Our work has encompassed the geographical area of the Mojave Desert, and from Sacramento to Bakersfield in the Central Valley. However, we are not limited to these boundaries.

    As a woman owned small business, PGM has the ability to meet the needs of contractor diversification. PGM is signatory to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, certified with the Suppliers Clearinghouse for the California Public Utilities Commission, SBA as a WBE, and is also located in a HUB ZONE.